Small Business Resources & Workshops

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Small Business Summer 2022 Workshops

Here's some information shared during the summer series of small business workshops, which took place in person at the Camden branch of the Kershaw County Library.

June 8 – Getting Your Business Online - See the handout.

June 22 - Building Your Brand - See the full recording of the Google/Canva “Boost Your Business Growth Through Brand Building” workshop. It may require you to sign in or register to watch the video. On the right side of the screen, below the video, you will see links to the workbook as a pdf, or in Canva itself, as well as slides from the presentation and link to download Google’s Primer App, which is another helpful tool full of a variety of 5 minute or less tutorials for small businesses.

July 6  – Basics of Google Ads  - View the recording of this workshop and download the handout.

July 20 – Use YouTube to Grow Your Business - See the handout, watch tutorials including Video Creation Tips, Creating Shorts on YouTube, Growing Your Channel with Creator Academy, and Making a Video Ad

Small Business Winter 2022 Workshops

Get Right with Google - View the recording of this workshop and download the handout.

Selling Your Business Products Online - View the recording of this workshop and download the handout.

Google Ads Basics - View the recording of this workshop and download the handout.

Customer Focused MarketingView the recording of this workshop and download the handout.


If you have trouble accessing a workshop or need additional resources or assistance, please contact Kat Spadacenta, Main Street program manager at or 803-549-5648.


Presentation materials from previous year's workshops and seminars are available below. 

Storefront Window Displays & Visual Merchandising 

Free Library Resources to Save Your Business Time and Money 

Human Resources Law: Top 10 Tips for HR and Business Leaders 

Succession Planning for Small Business Owners, with Succession Planning Toolkit