Downtown Camden Business Spotlight

Introducing a feature series highlighting the many faces that make up Downtown Camden! 

“Who doesn’t love a cookie?”

Lori Starnes-Isom hasn’t met a person yet who would turn down one of her Oatmeal Ev’rything, Triple Chocolate Chip or Red Velvet cookies, found at Isom’s Delights, inside Ten Eleven Galleria in Downtown Camden.

Living in Columbia with her chef husband, she began her Cookie Movement at farmers markets in and around the captial city.

“Kershaw County Farmers Market was, by far, my best market. I had so many repeat customers who looked for me each Saturday.”

Now, you can get your cookie fix from Lori by ordering online or by phone anytime, and by visiting the bake shop on Fridays and Saturdays.

“My favorite thing to do in Camden is making deliveries around town and meeting new people, making them happy with every bite of cookie goodness.”

“Random Acts of Cookies” is part of Lori’s Cookie Movement. Envision, if you will, a flash mob with backpacks filled with free cookies! She’s done it twice so far; her biggest success was at Allen University, where a group handed out about 100 bags of cookies to students and faculty.

“We would just be there and start handing out cookies and start taking photos and making people happy….And then we’d be gone!"

Step inside Isom’s Delights and you will see another of Lori’s passions. A trained visual artist with years of experience in that industry, Lori displays some of her pieces in the bake shop. She’s even sold a few and has been commissioned to do portraits by customers who have come in for cookies.

Lori says there are so many talented artisans in Camden, you just need to know where to look for them.

“I know people truly enjoy watching artists at work. I would love to see an evening Downtown where people stroll along and are able to see artists creating, whether that’s paint or sculpture, woodworking or crafts, or performance or even food!”



Tucked into the Broad Street landscape in Downtown Camden is a small blue-canopied office, home to a powerhouse international company since May of 2017.

Stop in and say hello to Adri McCaskill, General Manager for iPlan Americas. With corporate headquarters in South Africa, and projects on five of the seven continents, iPlan’s expertise is in transitioning organizations from one enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to another, in Warehouse Management System projects and in Organizational Change Management with a specialty in ensuring People Readiness for a Go-live event.

“We empower our clients by making complex business processes and advanced technology work for them in their environment, with their people. For us, it’s personal.” 

How does a global company decide on Camden, SC for its Americas HQ? Adri had a lot to do with that, having lived and worked in the area since 2012. But she says iPlan’s Chief Executive Officer, Abré Pienaar, travels quite frequently from South Africa to the US and is also enthusiastic about Camden.

“I loved Camden the first time I came here. It is beautiful and has so much to offer: history, horses, Lake Wateree, great restaurants…. We enjoy the overall historic character and the look and feel of the small historic Downtown; it’s what makes Camden unique and precious. For iPlan, this is a wonderful location from which to serve our clients in the immediate area as well as further afield."

Adri also has a love of horses, having competed in endurance riding in South Africa while in school. She is now a 4-star FEI Judge and has traveled to places like Holland, Malaysia, Botswana, Costa Rica, and all over North America to judge. Adri will be a judge during the 2018 World Equestrian Games in North Carolina.