The Art of Blues by Charlie King & Steven White

Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 5:30pm

Join us for the Bassett Gallery Opening of "The Art of Blues," an exhibition by South Carolina artists Charlie King and Steven White. Enjoy their beautiful and thought provoking artwork as you listen to the sounds of blues musician Robert Lighthouse! The event will be at 5:30 on Thursday, October 3rd and will be catered by Ashley's of Old McCaskills Farm. The Bassett Gallery is sponsored by Kornegay Funeral Home. The exhibit is open to the public! About the artists: Steven feels that more and more these days, the creative world is seeing an emergence of artists creating positive spaces and shapes that, in turn, cleverly carve out shapes in negative space intentionally. Negative space is, quite simply, is the space that surrounds the subject in an image or painting. Just as important as that subject itself, negative space helps to define the boundaries of positive space and brings balance to a composition. The pieces that will be in the Bassett Gallery are classic examples of negative space use. The striking white space matched with the beautiful, eccentric black make the work unforgettable executions of the technique. "With a passion for creative thinking, I aspire to create art that is conceptual, surreal and fun in a unique way," says White. Camden native Charlie King has been practicing art since childhood. Charlie grew up with a passion for all art forms and specializes in contemporary watercolor. Striving to produce work that evokes the charm of his chosen subject matter, he prefers to paint on location, as this allows him to best capture the essence he wishes to convey. Charlie often brings an assortment of art supplies when he travels, drawing inspiration from his experiences and surroundings. Partial to landscapes and cityscapes, he has lived in Charleston since 2011, where his work is frequently influenced by the city’s historic architecture.


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