City Grants

2017-18 Accommodation Tax Grant Application

The application period for this grant is now open. Click here for the application.

Click here for Accommodations Tax Guidelines 

2017-18 Hospitality Tax Grant Applications

The application period for this grant is now open. Click here for the application.


2016-17  Hospitality Tax Funding Reimbursement

Designed to help fund local non-profit and community-based organizations, the Hospitality Tax Funding Program allocates funds during the budget cycle each year. 

If you are a 2016-2017 Hospitality Tax Grant Recipient, download the 3-part grant reimbursement request forms here starting with the Check List, and parts A and B here: 2016-17HTax Grant Program Reimbursement Checklist-Instructions; FY 2016-17 HTax Billing Data Sheet-Part AFY2016-17 HTax Reimbursement Request-Part B_

2016-17 Accommodations Tax Funding Reimbursement

The City also distributes accommodations tax money to community organizations via the Accommodations Tax Grant program. These grants are designed to fund projects and organizations that will boost tourism in the City of Camden. Please consult the Accommodations Tax Funding Handbook  

If you are a 2016-17 Accommodations Tax Grant recipient, download the three-part grant reimbursement forms here, starting with the Instructions and Checklist, and Parts A and B, here:  FY 2016-17 ATax Grant Program Reimbursement Checklist-Instructions.doc/FY2016-17 ATax Billing Data Sheet-PartAFY 2016-17 ATax Reimbursement Request-Part B

For grant recipient and applicant information, a link to the City's Strategic Tourism Marketing Plan conducted by consultants Arnett Muldrow in 2014 can be found here: Arnett Muldrow StrategicTourism Marketing Plan

*If you have any questions about either funding program, please contact the Finance Department at 803-432-2421. If you have any trouble with the forms, please contact Caitlin Corbett at the same phone number.