Retail Recruitment

A key component of the City’s Economic Vitality Program is its Strategic Retail Recruitment. The City is partnering with The Retail Coach, the nation’s leading retail recruitment and development firm, to help expand retail development and redevelopment. The county seat of Kershaw County, Camden is an historic community destination located within 10 miles of northeast Columbia and hosts an array of cultural and tourism-based attractions including historic districts, museums, parks, and the famous Springdale Race Course - home of the Carolina Cup.

The first step in the initiative was to determine the City’s retail trade area, which is the defined boundary from which Camden draws 80-85% of its primary consumers.  Using that information, our team has created retail profile reports and utilizes marketing tools to best represent Camden regionally and nationally to retailers, restaurants, and developers.  There is tremendous opportunity for retail growth in Camden.

Visit the Camden Retail Market Dashboard.