City Arena Renovation

This design-build project consists of the architectural renovation of Rhame Arena to make it a year round venue for tourism, recreational and community events, as well as an iconic gateway feature into the heart of downtown Camden.  

Wayfinding Master Plan

The City has teamed with SkyDesign of Atlanta, GA to develop a wayfinding signage program throughout the City consisting of such elements as gateway signage, directional signage, historical markers, neighborhood markers, pedestrian kiosks, and other items to enhance the visitor experience and ease travel around the City. The signage will incorporate the City's new 'Classically Carolina™' brand imagery.  

Tourism Development

In 2014, the City of Camden embarked on the execution of a strategic tourism, marketing and retail market analysis/development initiative. The City and Kershaw County are engaged in a partnership to promote tourism and attract visitors through a multi-channel statewide and national marketing campaign. The program is led by the City's Tourism Development Director.    

King Haigler Clock Tower

In 2014, the City acquired the King Haigler Clock Tower building with hopes of embarking on a downtown redevelopment project.  

1001 Broad Street Property

The City has purchased a prime downtown site at 1001 Broad Street, and has created greenspace with the potential for redevelopment via public-private partnerships. The City is actively accepting development proposals for this site.    

Town Green

The Camden Town Green combined the rehabilitation of a blighted parking lot and the creation of a new greenspace in the core of downtown Camden. Once an aging, damaged parking lot with serious stormwater issues, the area was transformed into a beautiful park surrounded by pervious concrete parking areas and event space pre-wired to accommodate performance acts. The Town Green is home to two bronze statues of King Hagler of the Catawba tribe and Col. Joseph Kershaw, one of the founders of present day Camden, gifted by John A. “Johnny” Hagins, Jr. in honor of his father, the late John Argis Hagins, Sr.

DPZ Vision Plan

In 2007, the City engaged its citizens in a comprehensive vision process for the future of our downtown. This resulted in a desire for downtown to be a destination rather than a byway, revitalized with new restaurants, shops, and housing opportunities. The Town Green was the first step in the physical transformation of downtown.  The Broad Street Road Diet is also included in this plan. Other projects developed as a result of this planning process, like the Haigler and Arthur Lane Parking Lot, Commerce Alley Transformation, Facade Grant program, and the acquisition of the former Mather Academy Property.