Are you recycling prohibited materials?

As many of you may know, the City of Camden hauls our recycling to the Sonoco Recycling Facility in Columbia.  It is our responsibility to ensure that the material we take to Sonoco is free of prohibited and hazardous materials.  Sonoco has recently experienced an increase in the amount of contaminated recycling.  As a result, effective October 1, 2017 Sonoco will charge the City for any contaminated loads that contain prohibited materials or excessive contamination.  

The City asks our recycling customers to take a minute and look at what you are recycling.  Before putting items in your recycling, please make sure the item is safe for recycling.  Some examples of prohibited materials include mixed metals and wire, medical waste, hoses, clothing, food waste, and plastic bags to name a few.  If your recycling material contains any of the prohibited items, the City’s Sanitation staff will not be able to pick up your recycling.  You will receive a written warning notifying you that your recycling was not picked up due to contaminants, and the City will instead pick up your recycling with the garbage truck to be deposed of at the landfill.  The City will provide two written warnings.  If you have a larger blue recycling container, your third warning will result in removal of the blue container for a smaller green container.  This will allow our Sanitation staff a better view of what you are recycling.  If you have a small green container, your container will be removed and you will not be able to recycle.  These may seem harsh; however, the City is not in a position to pay the fines or increased disposal fees.  The City wants to continue providing recycling to the community, but we need the community’s help to avoid any fees.  

If you have any questions about recycling, please contact the City of Camden’s Sanitation and Recycling at 803-425-7682.