Boil Water Advisory for Customers in and around the Big Lots (Old K-Mart) Shopping Center

The City of Camden advises its water customers located in the above area, as a precautionary measure, to vigorously boil their water for one full minute before using for drinking or cooking or making ice. This Advisory is due to a nearby broken water line that was damaged by a contractor working for AT&T, and affects a limited number of properties.
Water has or will be returned to service this day and it is recommended you take the following actions:
SCDHEC Recommends the Following During the Advisory Period:
1. Bring water to a rolling boil and keep it there for at least 1 full minute. Then, let it cool before using. 
2. Stop using appliances and equipment that use drinkable water, such as dishwashers, icemakers, tea brewers and coffee makers. Dispose of any ice made after 2 PM on December 12, 2017.
3. Use disposable paper, plastic or foam plates, cups, forks, etc. 
4. Prepare food using water that has been boiled and cooled.
5. Wash hands with soap. 
6. Wash, rinse and sanitize pots, pans and other equipment with water that has been boiled and cooled.
7. Brush your teeth with either boiled or bottled water.
Local water lines will be flushed and samples will be collected for analysis per SCDHEC recommendations. You should continue the above steps until the Boil Water Advisory is repealed by the City by similar notice. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the interest of addressing the protection of our water customers. Should you have any questions, please contact the City of Camden Public Works office at (803) 425-6045 or SCDHEC at (803) 778-1531.
Tom Couch, Public Works Director 
SCDHEC Water System No. 2810001
Issued December 12, 2017