Camden Rotary Club To Resume Arbor Memorial ProgramĀ 

This spring, the Camden Rotary Club will resume the practice of planting trees in honor of deceased members. Working in conjunction with the City of Camden, the Rotary Club will plant crepe myrtles in the median on U.S. Hwy 521 between I-20 and Historic Camden on an annual basis for those who passed the year prior, for the foreseeable future. That includes those who were Rotarians at the time of their death, or members who were active until they had to resign for medical reasons or for family reasons, moved to a retirement facility, moved to be near family, etc.

Thanks to the Camden Rotary Club, magnificent stands of magnolia trees graces U.S Hwy 1 and Haile Street, and these trees serve as a living memorial to deceased members of the Rotary Club. The trees were planted annually and biannually in the 1940s and 1950s, but the program was discontinued soon thereafter. As part of the Rotary International 75th anniversary celebration, the practice of planting magnolias in honor of deceased Rotarians  was resumed in 1980, and now those trees grace both sides of U.S. Hwy 521/Broad Street near Historic Camden.

With this new partnership, Camden Rotary will cover the expense of purchasing the trees, and the City of Camden staff will plant them. If members of the community wish to honor a Rotarian who passed away earlier than this previous year with a tree planting, the cost to do so is $400. For more information, contact Debbie Elliott at 910-471-3181 or