Camden's website is serving up business opportunities

City’s Retail Market Dashboard provides easy access to market stats and available sites  

The City of Camden has launched a new section on its website to help current and potential business owners learn about local retail business opportunities and source sites available for sale, lease or development. According to Suzi Sale, the city’s director of tourism and economic development, Camden’s Retail Market Dashboard is designed to help business owners, retail real estate investors and developers make better and faster decisions about the Camden market.

“Camden is super ripe for continued retail and entertainment growth and we are doing everything we can to harvest the opportunities that are out there,” Sale said. “Market data is mission-critical for retail organizations everywhere as they must fit the market based on their location requirements. Our online Retail Market Dashboard is the tool we have created to help expedite their market analysis and site selection process. 

“In short the Retail Market Dashboard is the go-to tool for communicating data and insights on business potential in Camden,” Sale added. “With a primary trade area population of over 81,000 and a secondary trade area population of more than 518,000, Camden has a lot to say.”

Demographics, leakage analysis, and consumer maps are a few of the research reports available for those looking to better understand the Camden retail market.

In addition the Dashboard includes a “Sites Directory” with picture, profile, location map and local tax map information for various commercial spaces and sites available for sale or lease in Camden. A key feature of the directory is the option for commercial property owners to log-in and upload or update their local property information. “The Sites Directory is a portal within the Dashboard for Camden commercial property owners and brokers who may represent them to get additional exposure for their available sites and spaces,” said Sale. “We can do the best job in attracting new business by providing a representative inventory of available sites, and let the Dashboard steer any inquiries to the property owners or their representatives."

The dashboard and the data within is a product of The Retail Coach, the nation’s leading retail recruitment, market research and development firm, with whom the city is working to help expand local retail development and redevelopment.

“Developing a dashboard takes time to get just right,” Sale said. “It’s not a one-and-done process. We want it personal and meaningful to all users. We will be updating the site as we go along. The Retail Coach is guiding us, and we continue to collaborate with many ldevelopers and property owners with interest in Camden's market."

To access the Retail Market Dashboard visit Camden's Retail Market Dashboard and learn more about market potential in Camden.