City Parking Lots to be Seal Coated

On Sunday, June 3 a contractor will apply an Asphalt Emulsion Seal Coat to the City parking lots at Commerce Alley, Haigler Lane, 529 DeKalb St. and the Police Station. Weather and other delays could affect this schedule, and if so, then seal coating will be completed on Monday, June 4. The parking lots at City Hall and the City Arena will be seal coated on Monday, June 4 and Tuesday, June 5.

Only the asphalt pavement will be seal-coated during this process, not concrete pavement. 

Access to the parking lots mentioned will be restricted until the painting of the lines is complete and dry enough for traffic. Walking access will only be allowed on concrete and brick walks. 

The roadway of Commerce Alley will not be seal coated – only the parking lot. Therefore, access to the rear of buildings should not be affected.  

We appreciate your understanding cooperation with scheduling this important maintenance of the City's public parking lots.