City Parks Closed Through Friday

With the soil still extremely saturated, leaves still on the trees and slight winds on and off throughout the week, trees may be unstable.  Since the soil is like Jell-O and cannot adhere to the roots as it does under normal weather conditions. 
Because of the 14.88” of rain we received, it has water-logged the bark on branches and trunks. This can add up to 25% more weight or load on the tree, making the likely-hood of braches falling off the trees higher than normal weather conditions. Due to the wet soils, City crews will not be able to clean up the park trees just yet because the soil is too wet and the equipment would sink.

For the safety of the public, the City will be closing all Parks, except City Arena, and ask that the public does not park under any big trees through Friday unless otherwise posted.  The City also lost two foot bridges at Kendall Park where the walking trail is.