City Utility Infrastructure Updates

The City of Camden is pleased with the ongoing work on the utility infrastructure.  Please see below for the most recent update on the projects.  

Lyttleton Street Area

  • Cable is almost complete.
  • We are still waiting on phone.  

Fair Street Area

  • Contractor is pouring light bases.
  • They have started switching power to the underground services.
    • If you have not already been switched over, a contractor will notify you in the future.
  • It is estimated that the City contractor will be complete in approximately 1 month, weather permitting.  
  • We have notified phone and cable.

Blackhawk Area

  • The Water Crew is beginning to switch water services in some areas over to the new lines.
    • Please be aware, if you notice water running out of blue pipes, the line is being flushed in accordance with DHEC standards.  The water flow is normal.
  • The Water Crew is also installing water lines along Chesnut to Lakeview and Sarsfield to Chesnut.  
  • The Sewer Crew is installing sewer lines along Brevard, Mill and Greene Street.
  • The Electric Contractor has finished installing all the underground pipes and started to pull the necessary wires.  

Kendall Mill Village Area

  • The phone company has started work in the area.  Cable has been notified .  The City has finished the planned work in the area.  

Walnut Street Area

  • There are 4 businesses left to transfer power to underground services
  • The Contractor has 12 lights to install.
  • It is estimated that the City contractor will be complete in approximately 3 weeks, weather permitting.  
  • Upon completion of the City's work, phone and cable will be notified to underground their services.