Congratulations to the Inaugural Citizen's Planning College Class

The City of Camden completed the inaugural session of Citizen’s Planning College (CPC) on March 19th. Twelve students participated in the program and everyone graduated at the last class. Each student received a certificate of achievement and celebrated with refreshments.  

CPC is a program offered to Camden residents that teach them the “ins and outs” of planning, specifically in Camden. A total of 10 classes make up CPC. Each class in the program is devoted to a single topic spanning from the History of City Planning in Camden to Low Impact Development. The course was taught by City Planner Shawn Putnam and Grants Writer Amy Stenger. Like a regular academic year, the first 5 classes were held in the Fall and the last 5 classes were held in the Spring. The class met at City Hall in the Training Room on Thursday evenings. 

The graduates this year were: Bob Giangiorgi, Sarah Williams, Bob Williams, Lori Phillips, William Rozier, Donna Freyer, Kay Polk, City Councilmember Laurie Parks, City Clerk Brenda Davis, Peggy Ogburn, Lynn Austin and Mary Rupe-Cooper. If you feel that you have missed out, do not be dismayed—another year of Citizens Planning College will be offered this Fall!