Holiday Safety Tips from Camden Police Department

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The Camden Police Department has released its annual Holiday Safety tips for both citizens and businesses. Please take a few moments to re-evaluate the security of your family, employees, and personal or business property.

  • Double check that exterior lighting is functional. 
  • Ensure that you make one last stop outside before going to bed to check that vehicles are secured, or, at least that valuables (and weapons!) are stored safely inside your home. 
  • Remember: a few extra seconds of care and attention to the safety and security of your surroundings can be a powerful determining factor for future events that can change in an instant! 

On the roadways:  

  • Be attentive on roadways with the increase in traffic. 
  • Remember to use a designated driver or make other arrangements when attending holiday parties with alcohol. 

While Shopping: 

  • Shop with a buddy and look out for each other; keep handbags safe or better yet, use your pockets to hold cash, keys and cards!
  • Keep valuables secured out of sight! Make trips home between stores to load and unload your purchases!
  • Take care to conceal your PIN numbers and card numbers!
  • Examine card swipe machines for anything suspicious- 'skimmers' frequently pop up this time of year! Pay for fuel with cash. Report anything suspicious- damage or oddities to card swipe machines, people loitering around ATM machines, unauthorized charges to you accounts, or any other suspicious activity to the authorities!
  • Be attentive while shopping online as well; double check ISP addresses. Ensure your Firewalls and PC Protection programs are in good working order. REMEMBER: Professional websites should be just that- PROFESSIONAL. If there appears to be spelling/grammatical errors or other oddities, do not purchase from that online website!
  • Make sure you will be home to receive your packages! If not, consider who you know that may be available to receive your packages- have them shipped to a trusted friend, other family member, or your employer. DON'T let PORCH PIRATES steal your presents! 

Hard copies of the Holiday Safety pamphlet can be obtained at the Camden Police Department, 816 W. DeKalb St. during business hours. Feel free to call at 803-425-6025 if you have any concerns or would like more information.