New Addition to the Camden Police Department

The Camden Police Department won a SECOND 2016 Ford Interceptor SUV from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Networks (SCLEN)





A drawing took place in Florence the week of September 19th at the SCHP Troop 5 Office.  Only two regions out of sixteen were eligible for the drawing due to their high success rate in traffic enforcement.  Out of the two regions, twelve agencies were eligible and present at the drawing.  Cpl. Carl Olson drew the lucky envelope FOR THE SECOND DRAWING IN A ROW!!! The Camden Police Department will soon take possession of a second black SUV patrol vehicle.  It will identical to the vehicle we received as a result of the last drawing.  This federally funded program has taken place for the past 10 years.  The new administration to LEN has notified all agencies that this will be the last drawing for a free vehicle from SCLEN.