New Exhibit Kiosk at Camden Archives & Museum

From the first day that the Beard Collection opened at the museum, visitors have asked for video of Ross Beard talking about the history of various pieces or about how he started collecting.  Everyone has also commented that we need an oral history of Mr. Beard and of his collection in the Archives.  Thanks to Kirk Mays and K & M video, we had a DVD of a program that Beard did at the museum before the exhibit opened and one of a program done in 2014 of items not on exhibit.  Mays also had video that he taped of Mr. Beard talking about items in the current exhibit.  What we did not have was a vehicle to show all that video tape to our visitors.  This has changed.  

We contracted with Digital Design Services in Wisconsin to build and install a kiosk that will host individual clips of Mr. Beard discussing his collection.  Unlike the other companies we contacted, Digital Design Services actually works in wood and is custom building a wooden case that will match the beautiful cabinets already in the museum gallery.  Kirk Mays graciously provided RAW footage so that the design company will be able to provide HD quality video clips.  The company compiled the clips, loaded them onto the digital player, installed it, and taught staff how to add additional items to the player.  We think that this kiosk will add another interpretive layer to our exhibit and will definitely add to the visitor’s experience.

Stop by the Camden Archives and Museum to see the new kiosk!