Powder Post Beetle Invade Historic Kendall Lake Clubhouse

An infestation of Powder Post Beetle Larvae was recently discovered in the wood flooring of the Kendall Lake Clubhouse at Kendall Lake Park. This beetle larvae eats through wood like a termite.  

The clubhouse will be undergoing fumigation treatment October 17-19, 2022, which will require the structure to be tented. Security will be in place 24 hours a day to ensure that no one enters the clubhouse during treatment to avoid exposure to the pesticide. 

In July 1950, the Wateree Mothers Club was founded by a group of women living in the Kendall Mill area of Camden. In 1955, the members asked the Kendall Company to find them a meeting place, and the plant manager arranged to have some unused car sheds located near the lake remodeled into a clubhouse. The plant donated the property where the Kendall Lake Clubhouse is located to the City in 1965, and it later became the City park known as Kendall Lake Park.

City staff are making additional improvements to Kendall Lake Park, in order to ensure safety, including clean up in the area of the boat the ramp and raising the tree canopy adjacent to the entryway of the park.
Since June 3, 2022, the park has been on directed patrol and patrol officers have made over 200 park visits during the hours citizens are most likely to “hang out” at the park. Camden Police Department continue to monitor the activities at all of our parks and facilities. Additional security options are under consideration, as is paving to the parking area to reduce erosion of the current gravel parking lot.