Preparing for the Weather Event

Due to the upcoming heavy rains, the City of Camden would encourage residents to take extra precaution to stay safe, and to protect themselves and their homes.  There are some areas in Camden that are prone to flooding during normal rain events.  

If you encounter a flooded street or intersection, please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE THROUGH FLOODED AREAS, turn around.  The water may be deeper than it appears.

Stay away from storm-damaged areas to include damaged or downed trees and power lines to keep yourself safe.

Unplug computers and other electronic devices. 

Check on seniors and other disabled people near by.  

Who to call:  

Emergency Calls - 911

For non-emergency calls - Department of Public Works - 803-425-6045

To report a power outage - Camden City Hall - 803-432-2421

To report stormwater problems - SCDOT -803-432-4358 or Department of Public Works - 803-425-6045