Request for Bids - Ehrenclou Drive Pump Station, Water & Sewer line ext.

REQUEST FOR BIDS – Ehrenclou Drive PUMP STATION and Water & Sewer line extensions

Bids Due March 21, 2019

The City of Camden is seeking bids for the replacement of an existing pump station located at a new location on Ehrenclou Drive in Camden, SC. Work also includes water and sewer line extensions.

The Project generally consists of:


Construction of a new duplex submersible wastewater lift station (includes all incidental items for a complete installation);

  • Installation of approximately 1,500 LF of 6-inch PVC water line and all associated appurtenances within SCDOT right-of-way;
  • Installation of approximately 1,600 LF of 8-inch PVC gravity sewer with eight (8) standard pre-cast manholes within the SCDOT right-of-way and two (2) pre-cast doghouse manholes.


Invitation for Bids