Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Department plans for the future growth and management, livability and community prosperity of Camden. The department oversees all planning and development activities including the city’s comprehensive plan and zoning and land development regulations. We work with developers, neighborhoods, businesses and citizens on site plans and reviews, community development projects, and redevelopment assistance. We also ensure public safety, health, and welfare of the community by the enforcement of requirements specified in Building Codes, International Fire Code, and zoning ordinances by overseeing on-site building inspections, responding to citizen requests, and general code compliance processes. 

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Property owners that are interested in rezoning property or having their property annexed into the city should contact our Director of Planning & Development Shawn Putnam. Requests for rezoning must be submitted at least 21 calendar days prior to the date of a Planning Commission meeting to be considered at that meeting. The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing and recommend approval or denial of the request. City Council then will consider the recommendation and approve or deny the request.  

See our Zoning Map here. 

Apply for a new zoning classification here.

Land Development & Plats
Plats for recording are approved by Director of Planning & Development Shawn Putnam. Plats must meet the requirements for final plats in Section 156.033 of the Land Development Regulations.

Find our land development application here.

Subdivisions are approved by either the City Planner or Planning Commission depending on the number of new lots and the location of the property. Any request for a subdivision including more than five (5) lots, located in the Camden National Register Historic District, Kendall Mill National Register Historic District, or designated as a Historic Property by City Council must be approved by the Planning Commission. Contact Director of Planning & Development Shawn Putnam for more information.

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Other Resources

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