Police Department

Community Services

The City of Camden Police Department has received funding through the Department of Justice to employ a full-time officer dedicated to Community Oriented Policing Services - COPS.

The purpose of this program is to partner with various community groups - sports organizations, youth groups, churches, etc. - to bring the goals of law enforcement in line with the needs of the surrounding community. 

The program is intended to create:

  • A greater understanding of the police agency, its ideals, goals and operations​
  • ​A greater level of communication - both to and from the community
  • An enhanced level of trust in law enforcement
Property Checks

The Police Department offers free property checks as time is available throughout the day and night.  It is designed to give our citizens a greater peace of mind while they are away from their homes.

The Property Check Service Is:

  • … for resident owners of residential property

  • … for residents of rental property which they do not own

  • … for property within the Corporate Limits of the City of Camden

  • … for citizens who are away from their homes for periods ranging from 2 to 60 days

  • … a focused check on a vacant or homeowner absent property to deter crime

  • … a service provided as police call volume permits

The Property Check Service is NOT:

  • … for business property
  • ​… for use by owners of rental property
  • … for homes vacant or occupants absent for more than 60 days
  • … a guarantee that the property is safe or that it will not be burglarized
  • … a guarantee that the property will be checked
  • ​… a substitute for an alarm system

The downloadable Property Check Application MUST be filled out in its entirety and presented IN PERSON to the Camden Police Department along with a photographic identification card of some type such as your SC Driver’s License.  No application for this service will be accepted by mail, email, fax or by phone.

To download the property check application, click here.