Urban Forestry

Trees help to form our city-wide forest, which is the combination of all vegetation (trees, shrubs and turfgrass) within our community. This vegetation grows in public places such as our streets, parks, school grounds and government centers as well as private places such as home landscapes, churches, cemeteries, vacant lots and woodlands. A properly cared for and well-managed community forest can provide benefits that far exceed management costs. Our parks and green spaces allow citizens and visitors to form connections with nature. In addition, our community forest provides shade, energy conservation, storm water management, air pollution filtration, bird and wildlife habitat, aesthetics and much more! As a result of caring for and maintaining our public trees and parks, the City has continuously achieved Tree City USA status for the past 26 years! 

Currently, the city employs an urban forester whose responsibilities include: the administration of the public tree ordinance, tree exams, public education and presentations, the ceremony coordination for the Leader’s Legacy Recognition Program awardees, the coordination of Arbor Day, the recertification of Tree City USA status and to oversee public tree management and maintenance within the city limits. She also serves as the City liaison to the Parks & Trees Commission and the Kershaw County Farmers Market Manager.

Liz Gilland, Urban Forester
Camden Public Works      
1000 Lyttleton Street
(W) 425-6045 

View the City's Public Tree Ordinance.

Urban Forestry Services

Tree Species Selection & Planting List

Because trees live for decades, even centuries, it’s important that the right tree is selected and planted in the right place. This helps to avoid future conflicts with overhead utility lines, sidewalks, street signs, etc. The Tree Species Selection & Planting List has been compiled and arranged by trees that grow large, medium and small and contains information on grow rate, pest resistance, site placement and brief comments for each tree. View the Tree Species Selection and Planting List.  

Tree Exam Request

Residents who have a concern regarding a public or private tree may request a tree check examination. If you have a concern, get the Tree Exam Form.  The site visit is free of charge within the City limits. A Tree Check Request Form may be submitted to the Urban Forester. The form can be emailed, mailed or faxed to: 803-425-7693 the Urban Forester.  The nature of the request, current work load, and number of pending requests and time of year, play a factor in the timeliness of the site visit. If the concern is urgent, please call the Public Works Dept. directly at 803-425-6045.

Tree Care Information

A variety of free brochures regarding tree care is available upon request by calling the Urban Forester. Topics include: tree planting, mulching, pruning mature trees, pruning young trees, utility pruning, why hire an arborist, why topping hurts trees, tree species selection, recognizing tree hazards, avoiding tree damage during construction, treatment of trees damaged by construction, benefits of urban trees, invasive plant species, avoiding tree & utility conflicts, insect & disease problems, plant health care, mature tree care and fact or fiction about trees. 

Tree Permit Form

A tree permit application shall be required for any person, business or organization (public or private) desiring to remove, prune and/or plant trees on public property, City-owned rights-of-way or South Carolina Department of Transportation (“SCDOT”)-owned rights-of-way. The application should be submitted to the City Urban Forester either in person at 1000 Lyttleton Street, via email at lgilland@camdensc.org or via fax at 803-425-7693. The application shall be reviewed by the Urban Forester who, shall rule on the application and provide notification to the applicant of the results of the ruling within 10 business days after submission, to the extent possible and practical. Get the Tree Permit Form.